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Our mums say


“Your delicious baby food is an absolute lifesaver for this mum who wants only the best for her children, but doesn’t have time to prepare it herself. Thank you so much!!!”

“You have no idea how grateful I am for your awesome homemade food.”
Elisa - Mommy to Calliani (age 2) & Michael (7 months)

“Your food is lovely. I could be doing with larger portions for myself!!!!”
Vikki – Mummy to Alexandra (18 months)


“Thank you also for helping me feed Hamish and Millie this year. Hamish in particular was a huge fan of your baby purees!”

“A BIG thank you for your wonderful products that have kept my kids well fed over the past couple of months!”
Rachael – Mummy to Millie (age 2) & Hamish (18 months)


“The food is great. Both kids are enjoying it very much (and me too!) ”
Terumi – Mummy to Christian (age 2 ½) & Camilla (8 months)