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Who we are


With a passion for cooking and virtually no convenient baby food products on the market in Malaysia, Baby Ambrosia was born to provide nutritious, freshly prepared, home cooked meals for parents who want the best possible start in life for their children, but don’t always have the opportunity to cook a variety of meals for them.

Now, 9 years later, Baby Ambrosia is still going strong as the premier brand in the freshly made baby food category. A legacy we intend to keep going for years to come, so parents can focus on spending quality time with the family.


Yeoh Leng Swee

Leng Swee’s passion for food and life has brought to the creation of Baby Ambrosia. She believes in the saying ‘you are what you eat’ and that it is especially imperative that babies start right with natural, nutritious and of course tasty food. Like with everything that a baby goes through, weaning is an
experience and it is paramount that parents nurture this experience with nutritious food.

Aunt to two scrumptious little angels who are her inspiration for all things food!