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Weaning & Nutrition


Why No Additivies

NO SALT AND SUGAR:  We know that most children are born with a liking for sugar and it does not take much encouragement to form a ‘sweet tooth’! As neither added salt nor sugar are important nutritionally for children under 1 year, it is better to keep them out of your child’s diet. That’s why we ensure that no salt or sugar is added to our meals, thereby helping your child to develop healthy eating habits early on, which in turn helps your child stay healthy during later life.

NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS AND FLAVOURS: The presence of synthetic food flavours and colours in a child’s diet have been linked to poor cognitive development and artificial colours are potent carcinogens which accumulate as toxins in the body and could be harmful to general health. Steaming food is one of the best ways to preserve the colour, flavour and nutritional value of vegetables and fruits. These can then be blended to tantalize your little angels’ taste buds!

NO PRESERVATIVES: Preservatives have similar health implications to those of artificial flavours and colours. In addition to that, they rob the foods of their nutrients. We ‘freeze-in’ the nutrients, preserving the foods in as natural a state as possible as frozen foods are almost nutritionally as good as fresh foods.

NO FILLERS: Fillers are thickening agents (modified starches), which when added to baby foods lower their nutritional qualities. Instead, we combine fruits, vegetables, meats, pulses and grains to provide a naturally nutritionally rich meal to your child.