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Pumpkin Soup Puree


The Pumpkin Soup Puree is a Combination Puree with easily absorbable Beta Carotene for growth and vision.

    • Suitable for infants 6 months +
    • Choose from 7 Combination Puree flavors
    • Free delivery in Klang Valley with minimum 12 units of Combination Purees




The Pumpkin Soup Puree is a Combination Puree flavor with the following details:

    • Cooking carrot and pumpkin together breaks down the tough cell walls of both veggies so that our body can easily absorb the beta carotene for growth and vision.
    • Ingredients: pumpkin, carrot, homemade vegetable stock, lemongrass, garlic, ginger
    • Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free


Combination Purees For Mixed Flavors After Test

After trying and testing on Simply Purees, let the fun begin by combining vegetables and fruits into a single puree. This will allow for a more varied taste & nutrients. Suitable for infants 6 months and above. Select a minimum of 12 units from a variety of seven flavors to enjoy free delivery within Klang Valley.



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